About Traverse Partners.

We are different. Traverse is a non-traditional firm with fundamental differences in our structure, strategy and integration. If you are looking for a partner that is always engaged, continuously tracking and actively involved in growing and protecting your money, consider us.

With Traverse Partners you not only get an independent advisor, you get a team of independent advisors.
Co-founded in January 2006, by James Yates and Eric Hutchby, Traverse Partners is a group of well-rounded people with a wealth of experience in financial services. They are as committed to your success as they are to their families and their community.

Our Value Story

“…we are passionate about helping our clients do 3 things: growing, guiding and guarding their financial future. Empowering them to make better decisions and achieve peace of mind is the reason we do what we do…they value the process. They love the education and communication.” 

~Pete Walton