Our Process

Financial planning with Traverse is a partnership.

Our team of advisors takes a complete inventory of your assets and liabilities, while working with you to define your short term and long term goals. Once established, the path to achieving those goals is mapped out using extensive analysis, experience, and statistical modeling. Your personal situation is then tested with our interactive software, simulating its performance within thousands of potential market scenarios.

When you engage Traverse Partners, our partnership begins with a close-up look at where you are now, as well as bringing into focus a view of the future you are hoping to build. After an analysis of your current financial position we will work with you to create a comprehensive plan.

The plan is in place. The path is mapped out. But your life and the world around you are in a constant state of change. Traverse Partners will provide honest, objective, and insightful guidance intended to ensure you are maximizing your opportunities and protecting your investments.

Every plan is designed to accumulate, manage risk and protect wealth:
• Target asset growth
• Substantial global diversification
• Reduce investment concentration
• Decrease risk caused by volatility
• Increase efficiency, transparency, and liquidity

Traverse Partners understands the need for balancing risk and reward, growth and stability. We’ll help you extend the wealth you’ve worked hard to establish, in an effort to secure a healthy financial future for you and your family.
• Wealth preservation and transfer assistance
• Business succession planning
• Minimizing tax burden
• Distribute assets to maximize tax advantages
• Estate planning; preserving your assets
• Charitable planning