Eric Hutchby

Eric Hutchby

Managing Partner, Lead of Retirement & Estate Planning Strategies

Eric Hutchby is a founder and Managing Partner of Traverse Partners, LLC, serving clients through holistic financial planning and proactive personal service.  Eric first began honing his core principles while working as a member of the National Ski Patrol in 1991. Those guiding principles are a tenacious focus on serving clients’ best interest, the pursuit of excellence across all activities and a strong desire to grow intellectually. “My years serving others while on the National Ski Patrol where priceless.”  We have built a company that helps people “traverse” through the complexities of life; guiding them to a more rewarding and complete life.    

Eric began his financial services career in 1994, working for one of the country’s largest and respected insurance company.  Later, he became an advisor at a small/local firm. Both experiences sparked a desire to provide a better client experience with better services. Many of the companies, large and small, just wanted to sell a product.  That’s not the culture Eric wanted to promote or the value he intended to deliver for his clients.  

He leads the team’s Retirement and Estate Planning Strategies Group.  The group focuses on holistic financial planning, building tax-efficient investing and tax management strategies for high-net worth individuals. Many of the Traverse’s clients are retiree’s, physicians, business owners and professional athletes. 

Eric is actively involved in the community.  He and his wife, Beth, serve on the Mooresville School District Foundation Board, a non-profit organization dedicated to financially supporting the needs of the Mooresville Graded Schools teachers and students.  In addition, Eric currently serves on the Board of the Lowe’s YMCA and the Mooresville/Lake Norman Rotary Club. 

Eric and Beth live in Mooresville and have four wonderful children (all with red hair and blue eyes), two dogs and saltwater fish/corals.  He enjoys spending time with his family, saltwater fishing, collecting and drinking wine and listening to the Mooresville High School Marching band.

Contact him at [email protected]